Pairing Promotional Products with Your Brand Identity

At World Press, we know firsthand how the most unexpected promotional products can be the ones that make the biggest impact for your brand. That’s why we just had to share a recent story we’ve seen, proving that the perfect combination of product and brand identity can be more powerful than you can imagine.


This spring, audiences on Broadway are getting their first look at the musical adaptation of The Notebook. The real viral moment, though, isn’t the cast, the music, or even the iconic rain scene replicated live on stage. No, it’s a clever bit of promotional product marketing: a box of tissues in a branded souvenir box, paying a winking homage to the story’s reputation as a heartfelt tearjerker.


“We let the source material drive our creative development. It could be lyrics from the show; it could be unique set pieces; it could be themes; it could be literal or non-literal,” Pete Milano, CEO of Creative Goods, the company behind souvenir merchandise for a number of Broadway shows, told Entertainment Weekly.  “We went through the process of finding the perfect little size memento that had enough tissues … When we came across this four inch by four inch box, it made too much sense not to do it. We thought it was a funny little gag, and it’s become the second-best seller in the theater.”


The viral success of the tissue box at The Notebook highlights a few key principles that our team at World Press strive for in every promotional product project:


  • The unique qualities of the brand drive the product choice.
  • The item meets the needs of the target audience while tying into those specific brand attributes.
  • There’s an emotional connection involved.
  • The price point is reasonable.
  • The item is genuinely useful and provides a lasting brand impression.


While many brands choose to stick with traditional promotional products, World Press has the design expertise and product sourcing abilities to make your memorable moment with something more creative. And, yes, branded tissue boxes are one of the many options at your disposal when you partner with our promotional products team.

Whether you’re planning for a tradeshow giveaway, a recognition program, or a customer-facing merchandise line, World Press can help! Contact us to learn more about how our promotional product expertise can take your branded merchandise to the next level – you might even shed a tear of joy!

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