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Pairing Promotional Products with Your Brand Identity

March 25, 2024

At World Press, we know firsthand how the most unexpected promotional products can be the ones that make the biggest impact for your brand. That’s why we just had to share a recent story we’ve seen, proving that the perfect combination of product and brand identity can be more powerful than you can imagine.  …

Science Agrees on the Power of Print

February 20, 2024

Even today, where digital technology reigns, print retains a uniquely powerful place for marketers – and there’s research backing it up. Digital has its own perks, but print offers several key benefits to marketers looking to ensure their message is seen and remembered. Print requires less effort to pay attention, also known as cognitive load.…

Contextual Advertising Takes Off

February 5, 2024

Behavioral advertising, third-party cookies, and other intrusive ad strategies are out. Contextual advertising is very much in. How can you maximize the benefits of this strategy? If you’re ready to dive into the world of contextual advertising, here’s what you need to know.   It Looks Like It Sounds Contextual advertising is one of those…

Open a Window into Your Customers’ Thought Processes

February 2, 2024

Want to understand what your customers really want? Look at their web searches. Consumer search trends are a window into what consumers care about and where their current priorities are focused. Whether you are updating your B2C or B2B marketing strategy, keep these fast-growing trends in mind.   Experiences Are Key Following the limits of…

Going Beyond CMYK: Expanding the Visual Possibilities

January 29, 2024

Ready to take your color printing to the next level?   Choose from a number of creative possibilities for textured, tactile, and other special effects that make a big, multisensory impression. Ahead of your next project, consider a few of our favorite options for enhancing your print pieces!   Metallic Ink Create shiny foil-like effects…

The Power of UV Printing

January 29, 2024

Take your next offset print project to new heights when you harness the power of UV printing for extraordinary, eye-catching prints. The UV printing process uses ultraviolet light during the curing stage. Instead of using traditional offset inks, which are solvent-based and dry through slower evaporation, UV printing uses specialized inks that are formulated to…

7 Powerful Postcard Direct Mail Ideas We Love

February 14, 2023

Postcards are a practical, versatile medium to send in your direct mail campaign. According to the Data & Marketing Association, postcards get a response rate of up to 4.25%, one of the highest in direct mail marketing. Take advantage of this marketing method with seven postcard direct mail ideas we love! 1. Switch up the…

Save Big with the 2023 Postal Promotions from USPS

January 9, 2023

Direct mail remains a cornerstone of marketing, as one of the most effective, high-ROI methods of making a big brand impression. Sending printed mail pieces can lead to costs adding up pretty quickly, but there’s a great solution available: postal promotions from the U.S. Postal Service.   These deals are offered by the USPS to…

10 Times to Consider Hiring Outside Help to Get Marketing Tasks Done

November 11, 2022

Sometimes, the tasks you need done just aren’t happening with your current team – maybe they’re low priority, or they don’t fit with your team’s expertise. In these cases, consider hiring outside help! There are plenty of resources for finding freelance or contract workers to get specific tasks done, as needed. Platforms, like Fiverr and…

Shopping Behavior: How the Playbook Has Changed for Brands

November 11, 2022

Much has changed in the past two years, including consumer shopping behavior. More is bought online. In-home delivery from restaurants and grocery stores has increased, while spending on work apparel and international travel has decreased. In Adweek, Eric Dahan, CEO of the influencer marketing agency, Open Influence, predicts that no one will see consumer behavior “snapping…

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