Going Beyond CMYK: Expanding the Visual Possibilities

Ready to take your color printing to the next level?


Choose from a number of creative possibilities for textured, tactile, and other special effects that make a big, multisensory impression. Ahead of your next project, consider a few of our favorite options for enhancing your print pieces!


Metallic Ink

Create shiny foil-like effects for spots, floods, and photo enhancements, using silver, gold or other metallic inks. You can also blend these inks with CMYK to create a rainbow of custom iridescent and metallic hues!


Specialty White Ink

Sometimes, the lack of color can be even more powerful! Try using white ink for bold designs on a variety of substrates. Use as an underlay, make a watermark effect, or create the appearance of layered dimensions for your next print job.


High-Vibrancy Fluorescent Ink

Harness the power of UV light! Fluorescent inks absorb invisible UV waves, but reflect colors visible to the eye. Use these to make your design pop off the page with eye-catching, vibrant hues.


Clear Ink

For eye-catching highlights, use clear ink as a spot effect to make a particular part of your design extra-shiny. You can also coat a whole page for increased sheen and protection of your design.


World Press is here to help you transform your ideas into beautifully-printed, brand-boosting reality! Contact us today to learn more about using color and texture to enhance your print pieces, capture your customers’ attention, and increase ROI.