10 Times to Consider Hiring Outside Help to Get Marketing Tasks Done

Sometimes, the tasks you need done just aren’t happening with your current team – maybe they’re low priority, or they don’t fit with your team’s expertise. In these cases, consider hiring outside help!

There are plenty of resources for finding freelance or contract workers to get specific tasks done, as needed. Platforms, like Fiverr and Upwork, allow freelancers and companies to connect directly. However, they are not quite identical. Fiverr might be a better fit when you’re looking to quickly pick a vendor and make a deal, while Upwork is better for tasks that need more explanation or longer- term working relationships. Wherever you choose to find your freelancer, these are ten times when it’s definitely worth it to consider hiring some extra help.


Press releases are all about timeliness, which means that you need someone who is ready at any time to produce a polished, informative piece. Consider hiring outside help to get this done, rather than adding it to the tasks of your existing team. With an outside professional tackling press releases, you can get news out faster, which, in turn, allows you to feed the social media beast and boost SEO.


There are two types of people in the world: those who dive merrily into spreadsheets, and those who despise spreadsheets. If you’re in marketing, especially on the more creative side, you’re probably closer to the second type. Nevertheless, spreadsheets can be valuable tools., so you will sometimes have to deal with them. Instead of giving yourself or your team a headache, hire someone who embraces that sweet spreadsheet life to get you all the data you need without the hassle.


SEO is one of those things that every marketer should have a basic understanding of, but you’ll go much further with someone who’s a true expert. Hire an outside expert to help you turn out the best SEO-friendly content and keep up with the latest and best practices for optimizing your SEO practices. You can work with them to maintain the ideal brand voice and hit all your benchmarks while the actual content creation is taken off your plate.


Marketing professionals are experts at finding ways to present information in ways that work towards achieving their clients’ goals. Getting that information, however, can be time-consuming and not the best use of your marketing team’s strengths. Researchers can dig up incredible sources, then identify and synthesize the most relevant information for you. This also can help reduce the time needed to actually produce blog posts, presentations and more, since the research will already be ready to go.


Creating a cohesive social media strategy is now a big part of any marketing work. To cut down on the work, consider hiring outside help to actually write the social copy for your next project. You and your team would still be in control of creating the outline and the overall strategy. The nuts and bolts of crafting the perfect post could then go to an outside expert writer for copy to announce an event, highlight a new blog post or article, or spotlight a service or product.


Video content has become a regular part of life for marketers everywhere. Comfort and skill levels will, of course, vary. If you’re looking to create a budget explainer video but video isn’t necessarily your strong suit, it’s the perfect time to hire outside help. An outside expert who specializes in video can put together a much smoother presentation. They will save you the time and hassle that would go into trying to take care of it on your own.


We’ve all been there at some point: there’s something in your CRM that you’ve been itching to fix for a while now, but other things just keep taking priority and bumping it down the list. Instead of continuing to put it off, hire a CRM expert who can help you tackle the project once and for all. Use a contractor to help set up forms, revise flows, fix nagging issues, or do overall audits to find where you can improve.


Having an outside expert take a look at your work is a time-honored test for finding the little things that you might overlook. When we’re used to working with the same thing over and over again, we might miss the little details or get stuck in a current way of thinking. By hiring outside help, you can get a fresh set of eyes on your website to see what’s working and what needs a refresh.


Ready to take your data game to the next level? Hiring an outside expert might be the solution you’ve been looking for to fill in those gaps in knowledge that can make a big difference when working on a marketing strategy. This can include any number of tasks. In most cases, you’d be hiring a researcher who can dig in and find missing information like emails, phone numbers, addresses and other information that’s helpful to have.


Need a custom illustration but operating on a tight budget? Finding an illustrator on a hiring platform may be the way to go! You’ll find plenty of talented artists who may be willing to work on a one-and-done project for a lower fee. Illustrations, graphics and other visual assets make a big impact in marketing – don’t be afraid to get outside help to get the best quality.